My Philosophy of The Matrix

And how it radically changed my life

Matthew Doan
2 min readDec 22, 2021


God Judging Adam. William Blake (1757–1827). Collection Tate, acq. 1939. Right: Official poster for The Matrix.

You know of red pills. But it’s rabbit hole time.

I give you: my philosophy of the Matrix.

Today, The Matrix Resurrections releases. It’s been 18 years since the last one.

At 15, The Matrix (1999) was a cool action movie to me.

As the years went by, the trilogy became a spiritual centerpiece of my life. I’ve studied it. Embedded it into my personal philosophy.

At first, my eyes hurt (I’d never used them).

Now, I see the world more clearly.

My top philosophical learnings:

1. Understand your false consciousness

(Karl Marx) Matrix inhabitants are exploited by the ruling class but aren’t capable of understanding that. They’re lulled to sleep and stunted by the promises of institutions.

→ To change the status quo, individuals must seize control of their own lives.

2. Mold your reality

(Plato — Allegory of the Cave). Caged prisoners have little knowledge of the world, accepting the “reality” conveyed by captors. They’re resistant to alternative “truths.”

→ Free yourself, see the world with YOUR eyes, and free others.

3. Tune in to your dreams

Morpheus is named after the Greek god of dreams — literally, “he who forms.” (He’s become my spirit animal.)

→ Have people in your life that believe you’re “the one” — pushing you to dream and excel to unimaginable heights.

4. Choose meaning over symbols

(Jean Baudrillard) Society has replaced meaning with symbols (net worth, status, material goods, etc.) Culture and media construct perceived reality. Mimetic Theory (see Luke Burgis) explains how our environmental influences (e.g., social media, colleagues) shape our not-so-genuine wants as individuals.

Live Inside-Out: establish deeper (more “realistic”) clarity of how you’re wired and what YOU want in life. Meditate, journal, detach from stimuli, invest in a coach — whatever it…



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